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If you are familiar with NELK, you know who Steiny is. A famous influencer, YouTuber, and podcast host whose real name is Aaron Steinberg. He is known for being a prominent member of the Nelk Boys crew and has won over fans with his unique personality. NELK is widely known for their prank videos, vlogs, and now their popular Full Send Podcast.

Here are some Steiny facts you may not have known about him…

Graduated College as a History Major

Steiny grew up in the Denver, Colorado area. Upon graduating high school, Steiny attended University of Colorado Boulder which was about 40 minutes from where he grew up. Despite the fact that Steiny admits he partied a lot during college, he did manage to graduate as a history major.

Tried to Go To Law School

Upon graduating from University of Colorado Boulder, Steiny tried to follow in his dad’s footsteps and become a lawyer. Steiny took the LSAT (Law School Admission Test) to try to get into law school. Unfortunately, Steiny did not score well so his law school ambitions ultimately died.

Bob Menery’s Assistant

The path that ultimately led him to joining the Nelk Boys crew started with Bob Menery. Bob Menery was one of the initial hosts of the Full Send Podcast. Bob was in search of a personal assistant and Steiny managed to land the gig. From there he then became Stevewilldoit’s assistant to ultimately becoming one of the main Full Send Podcast  hosts.

Steiny Has Been Turned Into A Trading Card

Steiny was turned into a trading card. We kid you not. This has become a prevalent idea, and most find it one of the most interesting things about Steiny. If you look on Etsy, you’ll see that he has been turned into a Steiny Pokémon Card. His power is considered to be ‘cocky.’ If you’d like one for yourself, you’ll need fifteen dollars and be willing to pay for shipping.

He Likes Jewelry

Many people like to live a good life and Steiny is no exception. If you follow his social media and listen to the podcast, Steiny has confessed many times he loves to wear jewelry. During his interview with Kodak Black, Steiny wore some link necklaces to try and match the rapper’s appearance. He also occasionally shouts out some jewelers who give him good deals.

Steiny Has A High Net Worth

This shouldn’t be surprising as he’s involved in many different ventures that have been profitable. As such, his net worth is around one million dollars. His net worth is beyond what he’s made with NELK, as this opportunity has opened more doors for him.


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