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Alexandra Cooper Facts


Alex Cooper is well known for her famous ‘Call Her Daddy’ podcast and outgoing personality. She is many things but podcaster, blogger, and vlogger would best describe her. She is often times described as “the female Joe Rogan” and is one of the biggest personalities on the internet today.

Check out our list below for ten interesting facts about Alex Cooper that you may not have previously known.

She Dated a Pitcher

In 2017, she had an off-and-on relationship with the New York Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard. His nickname is “Thor” and he’s had an exciting career in baseball. The relationship that the two shared unfortunately ended that same year.

Alex Signed a Sixty Million Dollar Contract with Spotify

Spotify is a well-known streaming platform and Alex was able to sign a three-year deal with them for a whopping sixty million dollars. A spokesperson for Spotify explained that they had an idea in mind for the agreement and how it would be successful. Her deal is one of the most lucrative exclusive streaming deals in history.

Upon signing the deal Alex said she felt honored that she was able to receive such a vast offer come her way and wants to show the world that she is worth it.

Feud With Former Podcast Host

Alex’s ‘Call Her Daddy’ podcast originally started with two hosts with the other being Sofia Frankly. Sofia famously feuded with Alex over their contract with Barstool Sports. Until this day, the feud has not been amended. Sofia has said that it was challenging to see something she worked so hard on be sold for that kind of money. She has further said that if she had stayed on the show and Alex had not betrayed her, they would have sold it for far more money than Alex did. Sophia now has her own podcast and says she is in a far better place than she was during the feud.

She Has Been Kicked Out of a Bar

Alex and her squad once wanted to go on a Fourth of July weekend party in Montauk. According to Alex, she was able to bribe a door attendant successfully. Still, when the security guard inside the building noticed that they did not have wristbands, he immediately sent them out of the building.

Excels at Sports

While she only had eyes for soccer growing up and had won an athletic scholarship to a local prep school, family and friends have often said she was great at any sport she tried. After an incident with her appearing in a bikini photo, her soccer coach was upset and demanded it was taken down. Once Alex took it down, she stayed on the team for an additional season. She does not talk much about the event in question, saying that her break with the team was traumatic but she did manage to keep her scholarship.

Silent Film Producer

Alex made a short silent film for her final college classes. The movie was about the unique friendship between a homeless man and a lonely woman. She said she met him by the side of the road and was always next to a convenience shop. She asked if it would be all right if he could be in the film, and he gave his consent. It turned into a real-life story for her where she became genuinely invested in him, and she was sad when she looked for him later, and he was no longer there.

She Responds to Fans Directly

Another thing that sets Alex apart from other people in the media is that she responds to her fans directly. Many people in the media and spotlight choose not to do this, and it is refreshing for her fans to see this from Alex.

Fans like knowing that they may get a genuine response if they message her with questions or concerns. That has shown fans that she is a natural person and cares about her fans. In the long term, this has made her more approachable, adored, and one of the reasons why the ‘Call Her Daddy’ podcast became so popular.


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