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Bradley Martyn Facts


Bradley Martyn has become internet famous for various reasons. He is best known for teaching people about fitness, coaching people online, and trying to help people change their lives for the positive. He is also a host of the popular Full Send Podcast. For a list of interesting Bradley Martyn facts, check out our list below!

Health Nut

Bradley has been interested in health for more than half of his life. He started going to the gym and taking the time to learn about nutrition during his teenage years. Since then, it has been a central focal point in his life. The knowledge he has obtained over the years in the gym has helped him launch his own training program. Bradley also has his own gym in Los Angeles, California called Zoo Culture.

He Was Close To Graduating College

One of the things that people don’t know about Bradley is that he was almost a college graduate. He dropped out with only one semester to go. While it doesn’t appear that he’s decided on whether he will return, he has plenty of other avenues to keep him busy until he can make a choice.

Bradley Martyn Has Been In A Movie

Most of us love the Madea franchise by Tyler Perry and would love to star in one of the movies or be an extra in the popular film series. Bradley Martyn had such a chance when he had a role in the Halloween series of the franchise. It’s a great thing to have on your resume, and fans of Bradley loved to see him on the big screen.

He’s Private About His Family And Relationships

While most influencers or YouTube personalities are open about their families and lives, you’ll find that Bradley is the opposite. He’s private and has kept his personal life hidden from the public. What he do know about his family is that his father committed suicide when he was six years old which Bradley has often times revealed. His father’s death hit him extremely hard, and he struggled to deal with the pain for many years.

Fans Think He’s Handsome

Bradley is known for being tall and having muscles. The latter is evident because he’s a fitness guru, but fans have also said they love his dark eyes and hair. He keeps his appearance by working out daily and staying true to his mission and schedule.

RAWGEAR Clothing Line

Bradley has his own clothing line called RAWGEAR. The brand has received mixed reviews as time has gone on. Most notably, the rating on their Facebook page is around average at best. Fans and customers have complained about the customer service and the issues they’ve had with communication and not getting their entire order. Another problem customers have had is that they have never received their orders. Aside from customer complaints, many people have said that the clothes is good quality and makes them feel more official when they work out.

He Likes Video Games

It’s one of his favorite hobbies. As everyone needs a way to relax, it’s not surprising that a famous YouTuber would enjoy video games during their free time. He enjoys action-adventure games and games that have a good story.


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