Afternoon Addition: Mayor Adams to celebrate birthday at a Manhattan club (spoiler: it’s not Zero Bond)


Welcome to the last Tuesday of August 2022!

Programming note: We’re combining Early Addition and Extra Extra this week because the brains behind these twice-daily link round-ups is on a well-deserved vacation, and his editor can’t keep up. Anyway, here are some links:

  • A week after The Times wrote about Eric Adams’ frequent visits to the Zero Bond nightclub, the mayor is reportedly planning to switch things up for his 62nd birthday party. Per the Daily Beast, he’ll be throwing an exclusive party at Ned NoMad, another members-only Manhattan club. Interestingly, Ned Nomad’s “curator” is also “fierce rivals” with a Zero Bond founder: “They are fighting over Eric Adams like he’s a Victoria’s Secret model.”
  • Does spending on public schools correlate to higher test scores? Not necessarily in New York state which, despite leading the country in spending on public schools, has students scoring only in the middle of the pack on national math and reading tests, according to Chalkbeat NY. (Somewhat related, if you’re a parent you should check out our back-to-school guide on coronavirus protocols, just published this morning.)
  • A Manhattan restaurant alleges the owners of the hotel where it operated stole 150 bottles of wine and 60 bottles of liquor, while also evicting them before their lease expired.
  • A bodega cat accused of attacking a dog in June has now been exonerated in court.
  • This New York Times headline might be the most relatable thing I’ve read this week: “It’s Not Just You — Blank Street Coffee Is Suddenly Inescapable.” (They are EVERYWHERE!)
  • There’s also an uptick in restaurant openings beyond Blank Street Coffee – for the first time since 2019.
  • Apparently in the U.K., police are “issuing secret orders telling officers to inform bosses if they know any news reporters – as they would have to do with convicted criminals or extremists.” Hmm.
  • My cat is 10 years old and still I wake up in the night to this fairly frequently, so I guess it’s not uncommon?


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