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All of Adin Ross' Ex-Girlfriends


Adin Ross is most known for being a Twitch streamer and content creator. He is also known for his jokes, unique personality, and relationships. Fans have been curious as there has been a bit of controversy surrounding his love life. Thankfully, we’ve got the information you need to keep yourself in the know. While he has been shown to have women in his streams, only three have been confirmed or denied to be his girlfriend up until now.

Stacey Gould

Adin Ross Ex-Girlfriend Stacey Gould

The first of Adin Ross’ ex-girlfriends was Stacey. Adin met her through an app, which was how he created content. When the two began talking, she got to experience him going from a small-time content creator to a much bigger one, and it affected the couple in a way that neither of them saw coming. Adin described her as a funny and loyal person, but began having issues as Adin’s popularity began to grow.

Adin himself said that he felt like he had lost his way and had changed. The distance between the two negatively affected their relationship, and they broke up. It was rumored that Stacey felt that he was never around, and that was because Adin was putting all of his time into his other ventures. However, in later streams, he did admit to still having feelings for her after they separated. The two remained friends and still talk to this day.

Corinna Kopf

Adin Ross Ex-Girlfriend Corinna Kopf


Fans started to speculate about the relationship between Adin and Corinna Kopf when he kissed her during a live stream. The pair began dating and rumors began that they had been seeing each other for an extended period in secret. However, Adin claimed that he never dated her and only looked at his actual girlfriend. However, he later admitted that the pair were good friends.

While Adin denies they were dating, fans think otherwise. They watched as Adin and Corinna kissed again on his channel and had a Valentine’s day date. They were also seen in a hot tub together. His fans took this as proof that he was dating Corinna, but he still denied it. Many fans firmly believe that Corinna should be on the list of Adin Ross’ ex-girlfriends and we do too.

Pamela Garryoffy

Adin Ross Ex-Girlfriend Pamela Garryoffy


The relationship that Adin shared with Pamela is considered his most serious because he told his fans that he would like to marry her one day, and many in the press called her his fiance. The relationship was made public last April. However, controversy soon followed as Adin decided to post videos of himself and other women in bathtubs. Adin’s friend quickly explained that he was loyal and a great boyfriend to Pamela despite what the video looked like.

His relationship came under fire, and rumors started that he was breaking up with Pamela when his channel featured internet dates. He had dates with Ladii Scorpio, Dana Rose, Chey Anderson, and Demi Raquel. As a cause of this, the breakup and cheating rumors began flying. There was another drama centering around text messages between Corinna and Adin, to which the former publicly apologized as she had never intended to cause any issues.

The couple defended themselves against the rumors and claimed there was no validity, and it seemed that the two could have a future. Many fans thought the two complimented each other and thought they could potentially be together forever. However, the couple later split up, and Adin has said in interviews that all he has left for her is his respect. Since the split, Pamela has focused on her content and career.

Ski Bri

Adin Ross Ex-Girlfriend Ski Bri


Ski Bri is not officially on the list of ex-girlfriends, but it is postulated that the two might be together. Since his break up with Pamela, the two share a special connection. However, both have said that they are not dating, even though a stream claimed she got a tattoo for him. He expressed shock and claimed he never asked her to do that. In another video, she stated that she would like to be his girlfriend, which set fans off into another frenzy. Nonetheless, for the time being Adin Ross claims he is currently single.


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