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All of Julia Rose's Ex-Boyfriends


Julia Rose is a famous social media influencer. She’s famous for being an Instagram model, actress, and Jake Paul’s girlfriend. She’s made headlines over the years for stunts she’s done and has even gotten her Instagram banned. People question her need to be controversial at times, but Julia ultimately just shrugs off what people say. Her current relationship with Jake Paul may be her most famous, but he’s not the only man to have dated her. Keep reading to meet all Julia Rose’s ex-boyfriends…

Stephen McHugh

Julia Rose Ex-Boyfriend Stephen McHugh


The glamour model was in a relationship with Stephen Mchugh back in 2016. They met in the fourth season of the MTV series ‘Are You The One?’. Immediately after the meeting, sparks flew, and fans of the show thought they were the perfect match. However, they had an on-again-off-again type of relationship, which began to dismantle quickly. They attempted to mend the relationship out of respect and commitment for each other, but it didn’t happen. By the fifth season of the show, Julia had a new boyfriend. There were also rumors that the romance was staged for the show.

Harry Jowsey

Julia Rose Ex-Boyfriend Harry Jowsey


The timeline on this one is a little odd because she was dating Jake Paul first, but after breaking up with Jake, she began seeing Harry before going back to Paul afterward. It was well known that Julia and Jake would date, take time away from each other with a breakup, then get back together. During one of these occasions, she began seeing the social media personality Harry Jowsey. However, he accused Julia of cheating on him with Paul in Vegas, and not long after, the couple broke up. Both Julia and Jake denied the allegations, with Julia stating she noticed red flags in Harry that she couldn’t take. Thus, Harry became Julia Rose’s ex-boyfriend.

Julia later stated that Harry was far more into the relationship than she was; she felt it was moving too fast, and she didn’t really consider it dating since the relationship was so short lived. She also claimed that she wasn’t looking for anything serious at the time and that Harry brought up her exes a lot. It made her feel he was dating her for the wrong reasons. After the breakup, Julia was immediately seen with Paul again.

Jake Paul

Julia Rose Ex-Boyfriend Jake Paul


Jake Paul has been Julia’s longest relationship, though they have been on and off for much of the time. Rumors abound after their first breakup because of the Harry Jowsey situation. Jake had made matters worse by making pseudo-threats about Harry and, after hearing the stories, saying unkind things about Julia even mentioning that she was “for the streets.” In other videos, however, he claimed he was brokenhearted and depressed about the breakup. It also didn’t help the situation that, at the time, people were attempting to make the issue bigger by releasing footage that made it seem that Julia had indeed cheated on Jake though she still denies it to this day.

Soon after Julia split with Harry, she and Jake were inseparable again until ultimately they broke up again. Julia said they broke up for good when Paul misbehaved and devalued her. That prompted her to leave and ensure that it was for good this time, but as we now know it wasn’t. Julia is once again dating Jake Paul and there are rumors that the couple might even get engaged soon.


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