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Financial Literacy Games for Kids


For too long conversations about money and personal finance have been considered taboo or tacky, boring or frustrating … and this needs to change.

Financial literacy and fun don’t have to be mutually exclusive! They are not oil and water. It is possible to combine the two. Playing financial literacy games with your kids is an effective way to normalize the topic of money and bring an element of fun to personal finance.

From board games to online money games, this article will introduce some financial literacy games for kids that are both educational, engaging, and fun for the entire family.

No matter what age your child is, there are several fun board games just waiting to be discovered. With kids of all ages, you can use money games to increase financial literacy and improve basic math skills. 

Finance literacy board games for young kids

Some of my favorite financial literacy board games for younger kids include:

Count Your Chickens. Great for teaching basic counting skills. A necessary foundational skill for math and personal finance.

Money Bags. Kids can practice counting and learn about bills and coins. The game is recommended for kids age 7 and up but as long as parents are monitoring (there are small board game pieces that could be choking hazards), younger kids can join in too. 

Financial literacy board games for middle schoolers

Middle schoolers are old enough to be introduced to board games that require more skill and introduce more complex math skills.

The Game of Life. An essential financial literacy board game. An opportunity for your kids to discover the concepts of taxes and debt and think about the consequences of job loss and mortgage payments. There are also junior versions of the Game of Life which are suitable for kids as young as 5 years old. 

Cashflow. This is the board game created by the author of the best-selling personal finance book, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” Robert Kiyosaki. A great opportunity to discuss investing and wealth building.

Payday. A great game for teaching money management skills. Talk about budgeting, paying bills, and the difference between income and expenses. Also, it’s way faster than a game of Life or Monopoly. 

The Entrepreneur Game. A perfect board game for your blossoming entrepreneur. Talk about the concepts of budgeting, investing, and financial decision-making. 

Financial literacy board games for high-schoolers 

It might be more of a challenge to pull your high-schooler away from their friends or social media to engage in a family game night but, if you can do it, it’s so worth it. Here are some of my favorite family games for older kiddos. 

Monopoly. In my mind, Monopoly is the true OG of the financial literacy board games. I can’t wait until my kids are old enough to play. This game provides the perfect opportunity to discuss budgeting, real estate, and negotiation. There are also dozens of renditions of this game including junior editions that are good for kids as young as 5. 

The Stock Exchange Game. The concepts of the stock market and investing are important to teach your teens. This game provides a great way to broach these subjects.  

What about online financial literacy tools for kids?

While board games are great, our kids speak a more digital language, which is why online games and apps are another excellent resource for financial literacy lessons. Here are some fantastic online games and apps for kids of all ages. 

Best online games and apps for younger children 

Wise Pockets. This is a simple online game for young kids that teaches lessons on earning, saving, and spending. 

Counting Coins App. Your kids can use this app to learn coin recognition and how to count with different coins. 

Peter Pigs Money Counter. An interactive game that helps kids practice the concepts of counting, saving, and learning fun facts about U.S. currency. 

Best online games and apps for middle schoolers

Bankaroo. A great money management app for your middle schoolers that was created by a middle-school student. 

Allowance and Chore Bot. A way for kids to keep track of their monthly allowance and savings goals. 

Financial football. Visa and the NFL partnered to create this fast-paced and interactive game to teach kids important personal finance concepts. 

Best online games and apps for high schoolers

Acorns. A great financial literacy app that can be used to help your child save and invest.

Mint. This is a budgeting and money management app that will help your teen to create a personalized budget and stick to it. 

How to apply popular games to teaching financial literacy  

Using financial literacy games for kids is a great method for teaching important money concepts like budgeting, saving, and investing. Even though most of us are required to use financial skills daily, many schools don’t have a set curriculum to provide kids with financial education.

This is why it is so important for parents to talk about money concepts and introduce financial literacy in a fun and engaging way. Financial games like Monopoly and The Game of Life have been around for generations because they provide a fun and educational experience for the entire family. 

If your kids aren’t excited about a family board game night, there are a ton of online games and apps that they can interact with. Learning about personal finance doesn’t have to be a tedious, dreadful process. If you can introduce some educational resources that are covered in a veil of fun, your kids will be financially literate in no time. Who knows, they might even be able to teach you and thing or two!

— By Jessica Martel


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