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How to Get Coupon Inserts in Bulk


If you’re looking for ways to save big with bulk coupon inserts, then this is the article for you.

(If you’re not sure what an insert even is, it’s just a bunch of coupons from multiple manufacturers that are inserted into the Sunday newspaper.)

While many people are forgoing the paper newspaper for a more digital experience, the Sunday paper is still a great place to find high-value coupons. However, one of the main drawbacks for shoppers looking for coupon inserts is the cost associated with buying a newspaper. If you have to go out and purchase the Sunday newspaper every week, this can eat into your overall coupon savings. Luckily, there are many ways you can get your hands on Sunday coupon inserts for free.

Here are some suggestions that can help you can find a source for bulk inserts.

save money with bulk coupon inserts

Local Places You Can Find Coupon Inserts in Bulk for Free

If you’re willing to get out into your community and talk to local business owners, then there are several ways you can obtain Sunday newspaper inserts in bulk — totally free of charge. Here’s how to start your search for free coupon inserts in your local area:

Contact the local recycling center

Reach out to your local recycling center to see if they will let you go through the recycling bins. You can use to find the recycling center closest to you. 

Visit your favorite coffee shop

If you head to your local coffee shop around lunchtime, you can sift through the leftover newspaper to see if the Sunday newspaper coupons have been left behind. A lot of the time people will bring their newspaper to the shop, enjoy their coffee, and then leave it behind. A perfect opportunity for you!

Ask local stores

You can try going to local stores on Monday morning to see if they will give you the leftover Sunday papers. 

Go to the dollar stores

Another way to get your hands on the Sunday newspaper for a bargain is by going to the local dollar store

Ask your neighbors  

If you have neighbors who still get the Sunday paper and they aren’t using the coupons, ask them if you can have them.  

Check out your local library

Talk to your local library and see if they will save the Sunday newspaper inserts for you. Someone may have already beat you to it, but there is no harm in asking. 

Online Resources for Bulk Coupon Inserts

If you don’t want to go out and about to look for bulk coupon inserts, there are plenty of ways to get coupons in the mail. Check out these coupon websites. 

The Happy Couponer Marketplace

If you are interested in bulk quantities of Smartsource, Redplum, or P & G whole coupon inserts, then head over to The Happy Couponer Marketplace. You can get your hands on coupon inserts without having to purchase the Sunday newspaper. You can order the inserts you want and have them shipped directly to your doorstep. 

Whole coupon inserts is an online resource that ships coupon inserts from several regions. Simply head to the website and peruse the inserts they have available. If you place an order by 10 am, it will be in the mail and ship the same day. If you place your order by 10 am Friday, your order will ship Saturday. 

Sunday Coupon Inserts

Sunday Coupon Inserts has not only all of the inserts you want, but it also provides a convenient weekly coupon insert schedule. You can plan your shopping so you can save money on groceries when you get to the store. Get Sunday coupon inserts delivered straight to your door, and you can subscribe to their weekly program to receive coupon packets every week.

Sunday Paper Coupons (aka Couponing Fanatics)

Access thousands of free coupons and couponing resources at Sunday Paper Coupons. You can find everything from printable coupons to cashback coupons and digital coupons. You can even find ways to save on the Sunday newspaper. No more paying full price for the newspaper to access your coupon inserts. Sunday Paper Coupons also provides a full Sunday Coupon Insert Schedule, which can help when it comes to organizing your coupons.


You can also check out eBay as a source for inexpensive coupons. Sometimes people will bundle similar types of coupons and sell them for a few dollars. Of course, if you are considering bidding on coupons, make sure you consider the potential savings versus the amount you are willing to pay. 

Bulk Coupons Can Help You Improve Your Budget and Savings 

If you’re looking for ways to trim your household budget or improve your saving habits, couponing can be a great resource. Today there are so many different ways you can access coupons and coupon inserts in bulk. 

If you want to opt for an in-person option like talking to your local librarian or digging through your local recycling bins, then there is more leg work involved. However, there are also a ton of online options that make finding bulk coupon inserts a pretty efficient and cost-effective task. By signing up for a weekly subscription, you can literally have your coupons sent to your doorstep usually for just the small cost of shipping. So, if you’re ready to take your couponing to the next level, then try some of these in-person and online resources for bulk coupon inserts. Happy saving!

— By Jessica Martel


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