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Ideas for Renovating Your Home After the Kids Move Out | Chicago Kitchen & Batch Remodeling Home Remodeling Contractor


All your kids are grown and on their own and you are fairly sure that no one is going to be moving back in anytime soon. These are supposed to be the best years of your life, so don’t keep your home in a time warp. Instead, choose to do a few renovations and love your home without your kids.

Here are 5 ideas for renovating your home after the kids move out:

  1. Create a Guest Room

You are always going to need a guest room, so unless you had one already, you should turn one of your kids’ rooms into one. A queen-sized bed and homey touches will welcome every guest that you host in the future.

  1. Create a Home Office

If you are starting to work from home more, or you want to, then a home office will be a welcome addition to your home. Add a desk, laptop, and a comfortable chair to sit and relax in while on the phone, and you will have the perfect office. You do get bonus points if you manage to use a room that has an amazing view!

  1. Create a Meditation Space

Meditation is becoming more popular, so if it is something that interests you, create a space that will allow you to find your Zen. Add a few big pillows to the floor, a comfortable chair, and dimmer switches for the lights, and you will have a space that is perfect for meditating or just taking a nap.

  1. Create a Man Cave

There is no rule that states that a man cave needs to be down in the basement, which is why we recommend using an unused bedroom if one is available. A large television, some extra speakers, and a couple of recliners will make this the perfect spot for hanging out and watching sports. Add a small refrigerator and an area full of snacks and paper plates, and you may never leave!

  1. Create a Craft Room

If you are always creating new craft items and have works in progress everywhere around the house, then this is the time to create a craft room. This room can have a table, chairs, and storage options that will allow you to store everything you are working on, as well as the materials that you use for your creations.

These five ideas will have you changing rooms in your home after all your kids move out and we guarantee that you will love the new rooms that you create! In fact, you may be in your new rooms so much that you will start to forget what the rest of your home looks like!


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