Learn about immortal server

The immortal server is a platform through which you can play games. You can use it to play even the games that have been banned in your country. Read the complete article to know more about it.

Use single email

Even though we support Immortal servers on multiple platforms for our players, we need them to use the single and the same email address to play the games. This email address must be the same as the one provided during the registration.

This way you will be allowed to login only from a single device at any given point in time. This is done to prevent miss communications and cheating that might take place. Cheating in games impacts serious players adversely.

We are completely against the idea of cheating to score high in games. We provide games for free but we want the players to put in the required amount of effort for playing the games.

Promote Games

We have a lot of active how-to-play Minecraft multiplayer players registered with us. This is a great opportunity for you if you are a game developer or a gaming firm. You can promote your games through our site. We do not charge for the promotions.

Whatever amount required for promotions is paid by the server owners. We are game lovers and wish more and more users to join us in the upcoming times. We for now are not interested in earning through promotions.

We are also free to host your games. You can get reach a larger audience through us.

Unlimited games

There are millions of games throughout the world. Only a few of the games make it to the top. Have you ever wondered why? This is all because of the players. If the users love your game and continue to play it, your game will automatically rise.

For this, you need to be a developer who keenly is interested in the reviews of the players and continuously upgrades the game according to the requirement we are not a game development firm, but if you are one, we are happy to promote you.

We can get you connected to firms by hosting your how-to-play Minecraft multiplayer games. If your game is downloaded and loved by most youths, you get the chance of earning cash through it.

Unlimited Cash

The game industry has boomed up in recent times. Hence, you can get the chance to earn as much as you want by gaming. If you ever had the thought of creating a game, we recommend you try it out for once.

There are a lot of free resources through which you can do the same. Get back to us when you are ready with the games and then let us host it for you. The entire cost will be borne by the server owners.


In this article, we have read about the Immortal server‘s plethora of opportunities that are provided to game developers through the gaming firms. We also read about the games that you can create and play.

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