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Get caught up on the latest technology and startup news from the past week. Here are the most popular stories on GeekWire for the week of Dec. 25, 2022.

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Most popular stories on GeekWire

A former Zulily software engineer allegedly stole more than $300,000 from the company through multiple schemes, including one inspired by the 1999 movie “Office Space,” according to new charging documents filed by prosecutors. … Read More

Twitter is reportedly facing eviction at its Seattle office and is asking employees to work from home as the social media giant looks to cut costs under new owner Elon Musk. … Read More

This year started slow in the video game industry, due to a combination of pandemic slowdowns and highly-anticipated titles such as Elden Ring, but it ended with a tidal wave of big releases that seems likely to continue into next year. … Read More

Sujal Patel has been here before. He weathered the 2009 recession as CEO of Isilon Systems, coming out the other end to sell his company the next year for $2.25 billion. … Read More

Funding for digital health startups and initiatives soared during the pandemic as entrepreneurs and consumers increasingly embraced telehealth, remote monitoring, and a suite of devices from sleep trackers to exercise bands. … Read More

Venture capitalists slowed investments this year in response to the cooling economy. … Read More

William Canestaro has nurtured a lot of startups. … Read More

JWST view of galaxy NGC 7469

A few years from now, we just might look back at 2022 as Year One for a new age in aerospace: It was the year when NASA’s next-generation space telescope delivered the goods, when NASA’s moon rocket aced its first flight test, and when an all-electric passenger plane built from the ground up took to the skies. … Read More

When Seattle startup Uplevel adopted a four-day week in January, it was betting on the fact that employees would get the same amount done in less time.  “We were interested in seeing how the decrease in working days would push people to be more efficient,” said Jori Maurer, vice president of marketing and people at Uplevel. … Read More

Clay Siegall, the former CEO and chairman of Seattle-area biotech giant Seagen, will not face charges stemming from an arrest at his home in April. … Read More


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