Newspaper Polar Bear | Kid’s Winter Craft

Making kid’s activities and crafts during the cold weather months has saved my sanity more than once! The kids will get restless, and when they get restless, they fight and complain. Giving them activities like this Newspaper Polar Bear makes our weekends fun and enjoyable!

Sometimes craft projects can get expensive, so I like to find crafts I can do with them that use recycled materials or things we already have around the house. This Newspaper Polar Bear craft is perfect for that! It uses an old newspaper (you know, the parts that DON’T have coupons) and some construction paper and glue, and that’s it!

We love making crafts like this when we get stuck inside.  Some other fun things we like to make are sparkly snow slime and cardboard snowmen!



Old Newspaper
Black Construction Paper
Blue Construction Paper
School Glue or a Glue Stick

You will need to cut some shapes out of the newspaper to begin. Cut a large “hill” shape out, this will be the bear’s body. Then cut out a large circle for his head, a small oval for his nose, and then two small “hill” shapes for his ears. Next, use the black construction paper and cut out a small oval for his nose, two small circles for his eyes, and two small “hill” shapes for his ears.

Start with the newspaper, and glue the body piece down first, then the head, then the ears and nose. Then glue on the black pieces in whatever order you want. Once he’s fully assembled, allow him to dry for 30 minutes or more (depending on how enthusiastic you were with the glue) before displaying him.

These would be great for Christmas cards or even to frame and display as wall art during the winter months. We just make these at home, but they would also be a fun craft for teachers to do with students in class too!

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