The Must Have List of Breastfeeding Accessories

Have you ever tried to search for breastfeeding accessories on Amazon?  If you type in the word “breastfeeding” you’ll get over 549,000,000 results!

And, searching on Pinterest is not much better!  (There is even one item I see that just makes me cringe.  I’ll tell you what that is later in the post.

Best Breastfeeding Accessories

The truth is that you can spend a lot of money on breastfeeding accessories. But you don’t have to.

I wanted to find out which products were mom’s favorites. So, I asked those in a breastfeeding support group.

They were honest.  These are the things they told me that they needed.

These are the items to put on your baby registry.

The Must Have List of Breastfeeding Accessories


Breastfeeding pillow

Breastfeeding pillows are the most popular breastfeeding accessory on the market.

When you nurse your baby, it should not cause you to have a sore back. Let’s be honest, when you first have a baby, there are a lot of things that are going to be sore. Your back shouldn’t be one of them.

How does a breastfeeding pillow help?

When you use one of these pillows, it ensures your baby is at the proper height for feeding. That way, you don’t have to hunch over to feed, which is what makes your back hurt.

Which pillow is the best?

The most popular breastfeeding pillow is the Boppy. Mothers love it because the shape is perfect as it protects their sore belly and also helps them support their baby.

While the original Boppy is great, they also have a Boppy Two-Sided pillow. It is helpful as it offers a firm side (perfect for newborns), and the other side is softer (as your baby grows). It also has a belt so you can keep your baby locked in nice and close to you. But you can also remove the belt if that is not your jam.

Because every mom has a different style, you can start with a bare naked Boppy and then purchase a Minky cover to make it your own. The covers are available in an array of colors, so you can really make it your own.

One idea is to get a few different covers! That way, you can swap them out, so you have a variety. And, it is also nice in case there is an accident, and you need to wash the cover. You’ve got a spare on hand.

If you are a mom who would prefer something organic, you can check out the Nesting Pillow. It is filled with buckwheat hulls and is covered with soft organic cotton.

While both the Boppy and Nesting Pillow are great options, if you want to know which is the most popular, you’ll want to get the Brest Friend. Out of all of the nursing pillows on Amazon, it gets the best reviews.

Moms love it because it is firm and still offers great back support.

Front Carrier

Your baby is going to need to eat, even if you aren’t at home. I remember seeing a mom nursing her baby in her front carrier — while shopping at the grocery store.  Baby was content, and mama got her shopping done.  Gotta love a multi-tasking mama!

The carrier she wore was an Ergo. The Ergo Front Carrier is an ergonomic baby carrier that allows you to carry your child in a comfortable, natural position. It is designed to evenly distribute your child’s weight between your hips and shoulders and can be worn on the front or back. The carrier also has a built-in sunshade and hood to protect your child from the elements.

Other options to consider are the Boba or the Moby.  These are wraps, so you will need to learn how to wrap the product around your body.

If your arms get tired easily or you happen to suffer from carpal tunnel, then a baby carrier can make breastfeeding much more comfortable.  It allows you to give your baby the support it needs without hurting your arms or wrists.

You may not want to attempt nursing in a carrier during the first week you breastfeed, but it can be convenient as your baby gets older.

Nursing Stool

To be honest, the nursing stool is one of the breastfeeding accessories I recommend all women use.

Why?  The stool raises your feet just a little bit.  That takes the strain off of your back, helps you sit more upright, and can make nursing more enjoyable.

There are several styles available on the market.  I haven’t seen how many of these work, but the one my clients use is the Brest Friend nursing stool.

A nursing stool is a vital piece of equipment for new mothers. It allows them to comfortable position themselves while nursing their baby. It also provides much-needed support for their back and arms, helping to prevent strain and fatigue.

Reusable Nursing Pads

Who hasn’t had a moment where you looked down and found two wet spots on your shirt? In the moment, you may be embarrassed.  But, the truth is a lot of mamas leak while they are breastfeeding.

There are different options you can use to help with leaking: disposable pads, washable bra pads, or a milk collection system (for heavy leakers).

Disposable pads, like the Lansinoh pads, are very popular.  Women love using them because you can wear them once, and when they get wet, toss them out and grab a new one.  But, over time, these can be expensive.

You may want to invest in washable pads.  Not only are they more economical, but they are also much more comfortable.

If you leak a lot, and I mean a lot, you may want to look into My Milkies Collection System.  It will capture that precious milk instead it all going to waste.

It is a pretty clever breastfeeding accessory. You place them in your bra between feedings.  They collect any milk you leak.

Not only are these a great option for heavy leakers but also for anyone who has a low milk supply.  After all, you want to capture every drop you can.

Conclusion paragraph: If you’re a breastfeeding mom, make sure to add the items on this list to your shopping list. They’ll help make the experience easier and more comfortable for both you and your baby. And if you know someone who’s pregnant and planning to breastfeed, share this post with them!





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