What to Do if the Wiper Motor Stops Functioning on a Mercedes Car


If the wiper motor stops, it can be a very frustrating problem, particularly when it happens at an inopportune time like during a rainstorm. If your Mercedes-Benz wipers have seized up, there are a few possible causes that you should be aware of.

One potential cause is simply that the wipers are old and have worn out. Over time, the rubber blades can become hard and brittle, which can cause them to seize up on the windshield.

Another possibility is that the wiper motor itself has gone bad. This is usually due to corrosion or a build-up of dirt and debris, which can cause the moving parts to stick.

If you suspect that the wiper motor is at fault, there are a few symptoms that can help you confirm this. One common sign is that the wipers will no longer move when you turn on the switch. Another is that they may move very slowly or not at all. You may also hear grinding noise when they’re in use. If you notice any of these problems, it’s likely that the wiper motor needs to be replaced.

If your wipers start seizing up, you should take your car to a qualified Mercedes-Benz technician to have the problem diagnosed and repaired. In most cases, a wiper motor replacement will solve the problem. However, if the issue is only due to worn-out blades, you may need to replace only those parts. Meanwhile, if it’s only dirt preventing the wiper from functioning properly, a good cleaning may be all that’s needed. Whatever the cause, don’t despair because a seized wiper is usually a fixable problem.

Whatever the cause, it’s important to have your wipers repaired as soon as possible so you can safely see the road ahead while driving in inclement weather.


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