Why is it important to monitor your cat’s feeding?

Cats are curious animals and often eat the most unimaginable things. Some cats will eat plants, certain small animals, and even insects. Monitoring what your cat eats is vital to protect its digestive system. Veterinarians often recommend using hypoallergenic cat food when curious felines eat something that causes diarrhoea, allergies, or worse. This food provides the nutrients your cat needs without allergens that can often affect its health. When the problem is severe, hypoallergenic wet cat food becomes the only alternative because it is softer and easier to chew and swallow. Even if your cat rarely eats strange things, you should also monitor what it eats to avoid problems such as obesity, which can limit its mobility, causing anxiety and depression.

Your cat has an ideal weight

Did you know your cat has an ideal weight calculated based on size, breed, and age? Ask your vet what weight your cat should maintain to be considered healthy. A cat that weighs less may suffer from physical illness due to a lack of nutrients. A cat that exceeds its ideal weight will have cardiovascular problems because its level of physical activity will be reduced. Keep in mind that cats love to climb, and if they can’t climb, they become frustrated. Knowing your cat’s ideal weight helps you to look after their health and vary their portions. When you control the amount of food your favourite feline eats, it’s easier to track its weight. Don’t give in to your cat’s “eyes” when it asks for more food. Cats who used to eat a lot will notice the difference in food, so be patient.

Learn to spot allergies

Cats can suffer from allergies with different symptoms. For example, if you note that your cat’s fur is shedding more than usual, it may be because of an allergy to what it eats. This type of situation often occurs when you change the brand of cat food because the one you buy frequently is no longer available. If you have to change the brand of food you feed your cat, it is advisable to buy the smallest package you can get. This way, you can monitor whether your cat is allergic to that brand of food or not. If you notice changes in your cat after feeding it something different, consult your veterinarian to rule out health problems. Learning to spot allergies early will help you avoid more illnesses in your favourite feline. The faster you address a health problem, the easier it is to solve it.